Every photograph a person takes has a story that goes along with it.  The image is a snapshot, a reminder of that story.  At the time, a swim across the Colorado River seemed a reasonable plan for a photo of these amazing buttes, thereby placing the water in the foreground, etc.  So I went into Moab and got the gallon sized ziplock bag to put my camera in.  When I think back, I remember the strong upswells of the current tossing me around, at one time even forcing me and my day-pack into an unplanned upright position under water.  I continued on dripping wet to a spot where my tripod wasn't sliding down the hillside too much.  If you look real close, you can see the reflection off the windshield of my 4Runner in the very center of the photograph.

Parked just off a dusty dirt track maybe ten miles from the border with Mexico, I noticed headlights getting larger.  Border Patrol approached and engaged me for border patrol reasons.  After a brief conversation, asked me, "do you have a gun with you?"  I said, "no, I don't."  He then responded, "you know, you really shouldn't be out here without a gun."   He added, "we've had a lot of dangerous activity in the area," and then drove off.  I stood in the dark and watched his tail lights become smaller, then fade, then disappear.  So I hiked back forty yards or so to where my camera was set up, lens open, still doing its thing.  Somehow I felt not quite alone out there.  After maybe another 20 quiet minutes, maybe 100 yards away I noticed a small flare shoot upward.  I thought hmmm, not huge and not overly bright, but way too close, I think that might have been meant only for me to see.  I'm thinking whoever shot that off, probably wanted to know if I am "the pick up," for whatever.  That was by then, plenty enough creep for me.  I shut the camera off, gathered up my gear, my tripod and along with the hairs on the back of my neck, scurried like a third grader and got the hell out of there.  That might be the explanation for the star trails being so short.

Always wanted to keep track of the amazing places I went to, things I saw and people I met along the way.  Unfortunately, most people are funny about having their picture taken so not wanting to put anyone out, never took too many.  Also for me, I wanted to do more than just toss them in a drawer.  The goal was to step it up a bit.  I always wanted to take images I wouldn't mind throwing up on the wall.  These pics represent moments of many of the places I like to remember. 

Please keep in touch.

All locations are hopefully at least in the ballpark.  Please let me know if not.


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